Wisdom of the Forest

by Gare Terminus

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released July 7, 2017

Mixed and mastered by Margarita Omar
Album art and cover by Margarita Omar




Gare Terminus Luxembourg

Experimental Gothic Rock / Neofolk duo of writer and visual artist.
Messy guitar chords float in a sea of hallucinative synths, expressive low vocals rise over the rhythm of asynchronous martial drums. Lyrics discuss topics ranging from personal and political to dreams and insanity ... more

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Track Name: Wisdom of the Forest (Single Edit)
(Whisper: Autumn leaves are falling all around
Quietly like corpses kiss the ground)

The beauty in your eyes is death
When two souls kiss - begins the end

Trees stick out like veins
Morning dew caresses them like tears
Forest breathes through our weakened lungs
Branches touch - like our tongues

"True philosophers make dying their profession and [...] to them of all men death is least alarming. [...] They are thoroughly dissatisfied with the body, and long to have their souls independent of it [...] When this happens [they are not] frightened, [they are not] distressed. [...They are] glad to set out for the place where there is a prospect of attaining the object of their lifelong desire which is wisdom [...] Surely there are many who have chosen of their own free will to follow dead lovers and wives and sons to the next world, in the hope of seeing and meeting there the persons whom they loved. If this is so, will a true lover of wisdom [...] be grieved at dying? Will he not be glad to make that journey?" [-- Socrates, Plato Dialogues: Phaedo]

Will he not be glad to make that journey?
Will he not be glad to make that journey?

Dead leaves are covering the ground
Waterfalls of blood they flow around
I asked the mushroom why do leaves die
Forest is committing suicide

(Whisper: Suicide for life, suicide, suicide...)